Fishing during a full moon?

Does the full moon light have an influence on how fish bite when fishing? Some claim it is pointless to fish during a full moon, but others are adamant that their catches are particularly good during a full moon and can barely be surpassed.

It can be assumed that it is more the moonlight, which could bear an effect, rather than the astronomical event full moon itself (which can also take place during the day, as we have already outlined). Hence, it should hardly make a difference whether one goes fishing in the night before/after or during a full moon itself, because the amount of light is roughly the same and is more influenced by clouds and weather rather than by the exact constellation of planets.

The moonlight could have two different effects: on the one hand, nocturnal fish, like for example the eel, might be deterred from light, because they could be spotted much easier and therefore run into danger to be eaten by other predatory fish. On the other hand, diurnal fish might »think« it is daytime during a full moon and begin to behave more actively. There are such fish species that bite also at night, like for instance the pikeperch, carp or the occasional pike as well. However, whether this behaviour is enhanced by the moonlight, remains unclear.

But what does the angler has to say? Surveys show that opinions differ, whereby the majority of those questioned say that the fish bites worse during a full moon. This could stem from the above described deterring effect of the moonlight for nocturnal fish. The other large second group of anglers say that they don’t notice a difference between full moon and other lunar phases. Only a few anglers actually report good catches. That such a catch is obviously something spectacular during a full moon and remains in the memory, could explain the sensational character of these announcements.

By the way, in many regions in Germany, fishing at night is actually not permitted or restricted to specific species. This is mostly justified with the protection of water, nature and local residents. How this works in other countries, we have not been able to find out yet and are interested to know more about it. All readers can leave a comment underneath this article.

Whether fishing or not, whether during the day or during the night, whether full moon or new moon … we’ll wish you »tight lines«!


  1. you | 4 October 2017

    we cant never say that full moon and new moon is many fish to chts.
    defend on weather …..

  2. Dhanrajh Persad | 10 March 2017

    In Trinidad & Tobago its difficult to catch fish for full moon fish don’t take the bait and one might say “yuh going to feed fish” those who actually catch say they are the greedy ones that take the bait. Both fresh and salt water fishing for full moon is hard so most Fisher folk don’t venture fishing at all.

  3. Lawrence | 20 July 2016

    Just go

  4. Lawrence | 20 July 2016

    Just go fishing and have fun, don’t worry about the moon phase.

  5. Jeremy van Barriger | 20 June 2016

    Der ahhhhh yea ahh oh yea this one, no two times I fished during a full moon, ahhhhh yea def ahh yea so I’m a credible source and ahhhh ya der ahhhh oh did I mention I fish like ten times a year mostly at fully stocked places yea def ahhh. So you might want to hear what I have to say. Wtf people really are you fucking serious, You fucking moronic pathetic fucks have the audacity to post something you know absolutely zero about. I can’t imagine how pathetic you truly must be to realy think that you have a valid opinion on the subject. Go rape your rivers and lakes then post the damage on facebook, look at me I caught a big breeding female and kept it. You people clearly aren’t sportsman just some fucking losers that make shit up then post it. All you are doing is making yourself look stupid. You people can’t truely be so fucking dumb that you have to make shit up on subjects that don’t even apply to you. PLEASE SAVE YOUR OPINIONS FOR TOPICS THAT ACTUALLY APPLY TO YOU. fishing 15 times a year doesn’t even come close to qualify you as a fisherman, let alone express your opinion on the subject.

    • matt | 9 July 2017

      holy hell jeremy, calm down there son. we all noticed full moon fishing is shit or we wouldnt be on this page. people gotta start somewhere and noobs are on this page trying to up their game. the guys article didn’t answer what i wanted to know either, but did give some reasons why there might be some surprise action sometimes, however rare and from the comments we can accept that perhaps if you know your waters ecology and quarrys behavious well enough you could find something (depth, colour, presentation mix) they cant resist even in the full moon. as a self proclaimed super fisherman, someone who lives on the river and fishes every day im sure you have had one or two of those sessions where shit just goes mad and the fish attack anything that hits the water… that said, i fucking hate full moons. had nice nights on various waters but fishing is always shit.

      • pigfeet willy | 27 February 2018

        ive noticed and commented to my children we never catch nothign not even a bite at times when the moon if full a waste of time just unbelievable how not even the littel drums that steel your bait will hit in the river on a full moon

  6. Jeremy van Barriger | 20 June 2016

    Wow I couldn’t even post on another site unless I lied then they would post it. Even a credible magazine like field and stream straight up lied, it’s amazing what people just make up completely and other people just assume it’s accurate.even such life long anglers such as Doug stance, now be honest you stop fishing at midnight if not before so how would you know if fishing was good. Any one make up a bunch of bull and print it. Are you proud of that CONGRATULATIONS YOUR A LIAR WITH ZERO CREDIBILITY IN MY BOOK. 100% FACT

  7. Jeremy van Barriger | 20 June 2016

    This cracks me up, honestly really who are you guys trying to fool. Obviously a bunch of other people that don’t fish. For you people that are truly trying to learn. Honestly no the fish do not bite on a full moon. You will get lucky once in a great while and catch a monster but your odds of catching that same monster on a different night are much greater. People please stop making stuff up its pointless and pathetic

    • Anonymous | 10 February 2017

      on the avg I catch 12 to 18 fish at lake fork summer day fishing. same lake night fishing 10 pm to 430 am full moon 27 fewest to max 42 . I usually eats at bros at 7 on water at 8 45 an at night their 3 worm colors they love ,1 lake fork ring fry chartreus/blue speckle mix , 2 grande bass worm falcon lake color works at night no good in day light, 3 zoom a solid yellow lizard with red fleck in it dip in garlic , I use to use a lake fork ring fry but they don’t make color any more , at the minnow bucket a bait by buddy he makes a worm that color .

  8. Jeremy van Barriger | 20 June 2016


    • Anonymous | 10 February 2017

      I fish every week ,full moon great , if you know the colors they prefer at night,

  9. Frank | 9 March 2016

    Saltwater fishing on the bottom really doesn’t matter about a full moon as for the migratory fish as in striped bass or Tuna, days leading up to the full moon are best, and for the 7 days after a full moon ( especially a super full moon ) stay home.

  10. Frank | 9 March 2016

    Migratory fish, As in stripers or Tuna bite best days before the full moon after the full moon stay home for a week and set out again.

  11. Wife Beater | 1 October 2014

    Only thing I ever caught on a full moon was a buthole on my forehead

  12. Harry | 13 August 2014

    I’ve done good and bad during full moons. As far as I can tell the fish may feed at night during a full moon and be full and not want to take
    bait during the day (saltwater). I’ve also caught tuna with bellies full of squid that still took my sardine.

  13. OK | 24 June 2014

    Im surprised this article had nothing to say about water levels and how their affected by the alignment of the moon, sun, and rotation of the earth. Low tide at moonrise high tide at midnight. Had Great fishing during the day of a full moon.

    • Mary | 21 June 2016

      You guys don’t have a clue as what to say with seeming like stupid idiots.

      • Sharon | 14 March 2017

        You tell it girl! I’ll be 64 on June 23,2017. Been fishing with my dad since I was old enough to hold a rod (about 4 years old)!! He taught me to cast several different ways. Which lures to use for which fish, etc. I don’t know which corner of the earth that you live, but I am Southern, born & bred!! I now
        fish with my husband. None of us has ever had lousy luck, day or night. All of my family & myself have fished all over AR, LA,TX, & MO. Weather permitting we’ve always caught more than our limits, that includes full moon phase!! Must be different in “our neck ‘o the woods”! Best lures over all were rooster tail spinner flies, Lucky 13 (a rare find as they’re no longer made)! Neon jigs, neon roosters. We also use a lot of live bait especially @ night. We tight line fish in the Red River where water is so swift we have to use automobile spark plugs for weights. That way they sink to the bottom & the line just above the reel is held lightly, constantly so you can feel when you get a hit. This way we catch catfish & sturgeon. I love tight line fishing & playing out HUGE wide mouth bass! We also set crawfish traps in the full ditches & rice plantations in Louisiana. What a thrill. Fishing is a large part of my life. I’m curious as to everyone’s location. Set them hooks!! I’m from Midwestern Indiana

  14. Praveen | 17 June 2014

    Here, in Mauritius, I have noticed fish bite worse during full moon.

    • Praveen | 17 June 2014

      All I could catch during full moon are eels.

    • Mic | 2 September 2014

      Praveen where did you fish? Inshore or offshore?

      • Praveen | 10 September 2014

        I fish mostly inshore.. I have had this experience at several fishing spots during full moon.

  15. Ben | 26 April 2014

    I went boat fishing last year as a last ditch attempt at blues and stripers before the winter. Full moon and action was amazing. Better than any other trip that year.

  16. Catman | 2 April 2014

    Had my best night ever on full moon, 250/300 lbs, but it was cloudy with no sign of the moon…I’ve been fishing the river many times catching fish and when the light from the moon hits the water, it’s like flipping a switch, NO MORE BITES. My experience with catfish and crappie on the full moon is, it’s better to stay home unless you go just to drink beer.

  17. Anonymous | 15 February 2014

    Fished recently when it was a full moon, No luck. Not even the eels were out.

  18. Posey | 15 November 2013

    Never had any luck during a fullmoon and when me and my buddy’s go we always catch fish and when we only catch one or two next morning we notice the fullmoon…

  19. rick | 19 September 2013

    only thing im catching is aids

  20. Anonymous | 19 September 2013

    I fished on the Santee Lakes, during the full moon. I caught a 33# blue, a 27# flathead, and a 22# blue. That was my first trip during the full moon. Making plans to go back next year during a new moon phase and see if things are better!!!

  21. rellan from stvincent | 12 September 2013

    The best time to fishing is 3 days before are after the full moon an that’s finals I always catch a lots an that day

  22. Alan Witts | 22 August 2013

    I fished last night during the full moon on the Rhine in Nijmegan. Holland from 6 to 2 in the morning and bagged a load of Bream. The full moon was actually a help by providing a little light on the subject. I will be going again next week, with no moon.

  23. Serious fisherman | 18 August 2013

    If conditions are good you’ll do better during a full moon. Fishing in the spring time during a full moon “rising” is best .

  24. fishing mike | 20 May 2013

    bottom line no matter full moon or not you have to be fishing to catch fish. Go fishing and good luck I work with a guy he says you have to go when you can work and living life have fun that is what it is all about see you on the water.

    • Kashif | 30 January 2018

      Caught big silver bream land based during full moon at night right after full tide when the returning tide starts catching on. However no other fish would bite or even nibble at the bait and it’s a game of patience. Overall I find it’s not worth it because the catch is not guaranteed.
      I read in a scientific paper that at a certain period the big breams would spawn in the estuaries near mangrove forests. The males spend a lot of time preparing their spawn beds to attract the females. Throughout the process they do not feed at all. When the spawning is done they stick around to guard the eggs. Finally when the tide changes they would leave and would be absolutely starving. I figured if at that moment they come across a juicy prawn they’d just gobble it up. Just one has to wait at the right place. Normally channels leading out of the estuary areas.

  25. Mohamad | 15 May 2013

    I’ve been reading online about good fishing times and found contradicting information. I even used some application on my phone which was very informative. But the bottom line, it always depends on many factors: temperature of water, wind, water level, solunar factors, and time of the year. After 3 trips to different lakes, I was able to fish only two tiny sunfish.

  26. Anonymous | 27 April 2013

    I’ll let you know after tomorrow

  27. Fergie the fisherman | 27 March 2013

    I want to Clarksburg California on the last 2 full moons And didn’t do worth a damn either time

  28. Bahamas Angler | 25 February 2013

    I fished during the full moon and caught a 3 fish. I Went back about 4 or 5 days after the full moon and caught a bucket full or good size fish. It’s best to fish a few days after and before full moon.

  29. Anonymous | 30 December 2012

    Just caught a 34 pound stripper on a full moon!!!! And got a full moon at home waiting for me

    • Anonymous | 8 June 2013

      A 34 pound stripper? Are you sure she was of age? Or maybe she was an amputee? (I think you meant you caught a “striper”.)

      • Praveen | 17 June 2014

        Good one, dude.. Hahahaha

  30. dog54 | 29 December 2012

    to me, fish can see better like heavy fishing line and the glow of your hook. fish are getting smarter now a days. try laying net on a full moon and see what u catch with no moon

    • Dustj59 | 14 October 2014

      Well said dog54. I fish on eht east coast of North Carolina. Mainly for Spoeckled Trout (spotted sea trout) I have a hard time catching them when i see the moon in the sky.. I always wait for the moon to be on the downside.. 3 days before or after a full or new moon.

  31. Patrick Bouley | 2 August 2012

    I live in Texas, and I have always heard that fishing during the full moon is the best time to fish. But you know what, it sucks. It’s 4 a.m. Aug. 2, 2012 and it was the brightest full moon. I caught 2 fish. I’m almost ashamed to tell my wife we ain’t having catfish for supper, I gotta tell the kin folk were having hamburgers. If my buddies say lets go fishing during the full moon again, I’m gonna get in the truck and haul ass to the house and wait for this mess passes.

    • Jörg & Pat | 2 August 2012

      Oh boy, so this was definitely not a good full moon night for you. That certainly does suck … hamburgers instead of catfish! Well, we hope your next fishing trip, regardless of where the moon will be at the time, is going to be very successful!

    • Dustj59 | 14 October 2014

      You want the moon full but on the downside of the earth..

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