To the hairdresser at the full moon?

You always hear that certain things should be done or left undone at certain phases of the lunar cycle, also during a full moon. You can believe it or not. It surely cannot be proven and to be honest, we are quite skeptical with regards to the attribution of human activities and lunar events. However, we would not like to exclude it – after all neither the efficacy nor the inefficacy of such theses has been proven. As long as you don’t get caught in your own convictions, it is part of people’s liberty to create their lives freely.

A very popular subject in living by the lunar cycles is the cutting of hair. In most cases it is said that you should cut your hair during a waxing moon or during a full moon. A relationship is established here between the growth of the hair and the success of the cut and the dyeing of hair. Next to the phases of the Moon, the corresponding moon signs are also taken into consideration and the assigned elements. As a favourable time to visit a hairdresser, the moon signs Leo (fire) and Virgo (earth) are especially mentioned. No wonder that many hairdressers have picked up on this subject to connect their arts with the moonlight.

By the very nature of things, the statements, sources and reasons differ in the prognoses and partly contradict each other. But this is not so crucial. Many people have the desire to regain access to original knowledge, which lies within and brings them in harmony with nature. We all know quite well how difficult it is to retain this connection amid the noise of daily life. A calendar, which conveys certain rules, can be quite helpful, as it indirectly reminds of faith and profound knowledge. Whether such calendar is referring to moon events or another aspect might not be essential. More important is the feeling to find back to oneself. We think that this is how the success can be explained.

Who does believe in having their hair cut during a full moon and who simultaneously wants to consider the moon signs, will end up with very long hair this year, because the first full moon in Leo will be on 27th January 2013. This could cause unpleasant questions at Christmas. But you could also sidestep to new moon in Leo, which would be on 17th August 2012. 😉


  1. nicewholeday105 | 23 March 2024


  2. Premium Hair Extensions | 6 October 2013

    Since your hair is a part of your visual first impression, having good hair is important. If your hair is looking bad, then you will benefit greatly from the tips that were provided. Use them with great care and the next time you make a first impression on someone, you can do it with great hair.

  3. suchitra | 28 January 2013

    My grandma and mother always told us to go for hair cuts during the waxing phase so that it grows longer. I stick to it even today.

  4. T | 25 January 2013

    I cut my hair newyrs eve
    New do new yr and was a full moon
    Read that we store memories in our hair
    Go figure

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