Can you read in the full moon light?

Moonlight is with only 1 lux brightness a thousand times weaker than the sun light with more than 100,000 lux. Nevertheless, you sometimes get the feeling that it is so bright in the full moon that you should be able to read. We would like to give this a try and invite all full moon friends to start on a small reading test in the full moon light and to report back the results.

Reading test 1: newspaper/book
Simply take a newspaper or a book and step outside to a spot where there is no artificial light within close proximity (like street lights, window, car head lights etc.). Best, if you take a little walk in nature. Amid the full moon light, wait until your eyes have adjusted to the darkness and then try reading the text. Begin with the headlines and then try the regular text. Make sure, whether the text is easy to read or if you partly have to guess or are not able to decipher anything at all.

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Reading test 2: sheet with font sizes
Because the font sizes are not comparable in different newspapers and books, we are offering you this sheet as PDF, which contains text in different sizes. You can download and print this file and right away begin with the reading test in the full moon light. Please indicate below the smallest font size that you were able to read.

Download sheet: full-moon-sheet.pdf

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We look forward to finding out the results, because in several researches – also from NASA – it has always been concluded that most people cannot read in the moon light. We will see.

We are looking forward to your experiences and comments!


  1. Dean | 23 August 2021

    I could read in the moonlight. Thanks for the PDF!!

  2. Karan Ghattoura | 13 March 2017

    I could read till 6 points font size. it was a bit difficult task to find a place without or minimum artificial lights. I live in Dubai with my family, I asked my wife and my 6 and half year son to try and read. they both could read 6 points font size as well. We realize that there are so many artificial lights (street lights, billboards, cars and more) around us that moonlight was fading away. I downloaded the reading sheet and forwarded to my friends as well. I like this exercise.
    Thanks for posting it.

  3. Anonymous | 18 June 2016

    This exercise would be easier—and all the more magical—were the passages written in ithildin.

  4. Maia Marie | 22 July 2013

    I have always done my full moon spell casting by the light of the moon. I would like to believe that I will always be able to do so.

  5. Sarah of Lake County | 22 July 2013

    Gorgeous moonlit night last, full moon in Northern California. I took the test out on the balcony where I sleep (in the summer). At first it was difficult beyond 12 points. But, since I often use reading glasses I went and got them and could read clearly to ‘8’ and with concentration could figure out ‘6’.
    I also made the copy on two different pages, one white and one yellow.
    The copy was just as easy to read on either color. And, in the full moon light the color of the yellow page was quite distinct, just a little darker perhaps, maybe more red, than usual. Mind you I have noticed that before, colors do show in the moonlight, just to a more subtle degree than they show in the daylight.

  6. bruce | 21 July 2013

    we live in the arctic so we can even read small font in a new moon situation

  7. deanzz | 4 July 2012

    starting to understand why i go a bid crazy at this time of month.
    alexandrian wicca has give me the eyes to seexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Desert Rain | 3 July 2012

    Location: Riyadh.
    Time: 8:15-8:45 PM.
    Eyes: Brown.
    I will make reading under the full moon a monthly ritual. It was lovely, and I had the right kind of book for the experiment (historic story-telling) 😉

  9. Anonymous | 3 July 2012

    How strong are the eyes is my only question? Plus it’s better with little or no clouds ~

  10. Daniel Robertson (Kima) | 2 July 2012

    I love reading spells under the full moon

  11. Donita Reese | 2 July 2012

    color does play a major part lighter colored eyes are more sensitive to bright light

  12. Roy Lee | 2 July 2012

    Was able to read even the smallest print with no problems. I’ve always had exceptional night vision and up close vision. However in broad daylight, at a distance, without my glasses forget about it; I’m blind. The creator gives and takes. My eyes are green, it would be interesting to know what color people’s eyes are that took the test.

  13. Linda | 2 July 2012

    Since i was a kid i have enjoyed reading by moonlight. Many an hour was spent on the front porch with whatever wonderful book i was involved with that month.
    There is something special about the light of the moon & how it can enhance the mood of a good book.

  14. Jörg & Pat | 8 January 2012

    We have obviously tried this ourselves in the full moon light. We were able to read just down to font size 12 points, 10 points turned already into a guessing game. Then we passed the sheet to our daughter Elena Manja (10) and the result was impressive: she could read all text inclusive the smallest font size 6 points fluently! As she had never seen the text before, it was certain, that she actually read it live.

    So, by all means, let your children test read as well!

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