The Greek moon goddess Selene

Selene is the Greek moon goddess, she is a daughter of Hyperion and Theia from the Titans, a race of deities. The two siblings of Selene are Eos (the goddess of dawn) and Helios (the god of the sun). These three, forge the bridge between day and night, the Sun and the Moon, masculine and feminine. Later, in Greek mythology, Selene has also been equated with Artemis, just like Apollo is linked with the sun god Helios.

Legend has it that Selene saw King Endymion on the Earth during her journey through the night sky and fell in love with him. Thereupon, she asked Zeus to let him fall into an eternal sleep in order to save him from death as a mortal. Subsequently, Selene visited her sleeping lover night after night. And indeed, this turned into an unusual love affair, out of which – however this may have taken place – fifty daughters were born.

Also, the chemical element selenium, has been named after Selene, which is next to its existence in nature as poisonous, grey semimetal, also an essential dietary mineral inside the human body and consumed in food in accordingly small dosage. So it is actually life-sustaining and deadly at the same time. The task is, as so many times in life, to find the happy medium between “too little” and “too much”.

An aspect, being also true for the full moon, of which some do not get enough of and others get quickly fed up. However, it appears that the limit varies quite a bit for the individual …


  1. Ann | 31 July 2023

    I look forward to this email every month! Thank you!

  2. Carl Hollister | 30 July 2023

    My wife’s name is Dawn, who I will affectionately refer to as Eos from now on!

  3. Anonymous | 20 December 2012

    egypt is so much better

  4. Jacquelyn | 8 November 2012

    I never new anything about mythology…… Im so glad I do now!

  5. Harry | 2 July 2012

    I am waiting every month to read about your Full Moon news

  6. Anonymous | 16 January 2012

    I love the Greek legends.

  7. terry1367 | 16 January 2012

    i so enjoy mythology ….. thank you

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