The full moon in Venice

If you ask two lovers to which city they would like to travel to, to express their love, many will probably name two cities:  Paris and Venice. While Paris embodies a variety of aspects of love, being the »city of love« (obviously also the erotic aspect), Venice stands especially for the romantic encounter between people. This must surely be the reason why so many weddings are celebrated and honeymoons are spent there.

If it is all about romanticism, it is obvious to think of the full moon. And indeed, there are countless photographs and images of moonlit places, canals and gondolas in the lagoon city, which underline that Venice and the full moon belong together.

When we were in Venice, we found some antique postcards in an old bookstore from the years 1900 to 1940, which show the full moon. We are talking about the so called moonshine cards, which were created out of bluish-coloured and partially painted over daylight photographies and used to be particularly popular at the beginning of the past century – perhaps as well because night photography was still difficult to accomplish due to the technical development in photography.

Whoever has had the pleasure of riding in a gondola in Venice, and maybe together with their lover, will carry a lasting memory in their heart. We recommend to start the gondola ride at dusk and to allow yourselves to be illuminated by bluish light. Who then gets a glimpse of the full moon, knows to tell a story of the magic of love …


  1. Stojan Ninkovic | 7 February 2020

    We have been there twice now and its still a magical place and even the recent flooding lends it a sense of impermanence. Much like ourselves we know we have a limited time on earth and one feels it in Venice. All the more to enjoy its views, its colours and the experience. We tend to travel on a budget so our mode of water transportation is the water bus the Vaporetto. We did rent a water taxi once and that was. Fun. We’ll try your gondola suggestion next time.

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