Full moon bites

Although, one could assume that the following concerns vampires or werewolves, we occupy ourselves with another kind of bite, namely the bite of animals to humans. There is a study of the E.R. department of the Bradford Royal Infirmatory in Bradford, England from 1997–1999. Here, the question, whether animals bite more often at the full moon, has been investigated. 1,621 patients were looked at, who had been treated for animal bites. The majority of affected patients had been bitten by dogs (95.1 %), others by cats (3.4 %), horses (0.8%) and rats (0.7 %). The surprising aspect of this study is, that indeed a significant connections could be detected between the full moon happenings and the animal bites. Hence, this should be the first study, known to us, which provides such a result!

»Results: The incidence of animal bites rose significantly at the time of a full moon. With the period of the full moon as the reference period, the incidence rate ratio of the bites for all other periods of the lunar cycle was significantly lower (P<0.001).
Conclusion: The full moon is associated with a significant increase in animal bites to humans.«

Bhattacharjee C, Bradley P et al.
BMJ. 2000 December 23; 321(7276): 1559–1561.

One has to remain critical, as there is a large amount of other studies (also about animal bites), which do not come to this conclusion, but – quite the opposite – repeatedly disprove that there is no connection between moon happenings and accidents. This in particular makes one think, because an existing effect of the full moon on our lives should easily be detected in form of a statistic. But this is not the case. Almost all investigations of scientists keep producing the same result: »No significant relationship with the full moon«. We already wrote  in our blog article Between scepticism and mysticism, that the effect of the full moon to humans, needs to be looked at very differentiated.

With regard to animals, it is certainly advisable to approach our four-legged friends with sensitivity and care. After all, it is very likely that the bites were caused by our own behaviour and less by the full moon …


  1. Marlypop01 | 4 January 2012

    I have a cat and this will be his 1st full moon. I had another cat but he died I think it was a full moon actually but ive delt with animal bites on a full moon. Ive locked my bedroom door but it opened when my cat that died used to walk by and he bite me when I tried to protect myself. Also the full moon doesnt protect me as much as others but I can NEVER sleep when its out and once I went to the bathroom and my eyes changed color and I felt soooooo sick! I hope it wont be this hard on the 9th.

  2. Caroline | 2 January 2012

    I’m in 7th grade. I run barefoot, for the use of running shoes for me just tend to slow me down. On nights with full moons (and even Lunar Eclipses) I can run with shoes without feeling weak or vulnerable.
    We also have 2 dogs, both American Eskimos. One, named Khloe, is normally a crazy dog. The other, named Charlie, is an at ease dog. On a full moon, how ever, Khloe calms down to be nonchalant while Charlie is rambunctious.

  3. Kermit | 8 November 2011

    My two house dogs are like that too. Rifgt before and during the full moon they are always on edge with each other. Since they stay inside for the most part, I am basically with them twenty-four hours a day. We can read their personalities just like they can read ours. Exactly one week before the full moon things start to fall apart. Nothing goes right. If I pick something up, I drop it. If I lay something down, I loose it. I try to avoid making any big decisions during this time. Basically I just try to go with the flow.
    I’m very in tune with my body. I’m also sensitive to magnets. I’m talking about the kind of magnets that people buy to relive pain, such as the magnetic bracelets and insoles. If I have an upset stomach I can put a magnetic insole like the ones that you wear in your shoes on my stiomach and it cures my upset stomach.
    It’s good to know that their are other people out there that understand or at least are aware of the power of the full moon. I think that some people aren’t affected by the moon as much as others. I read on here about people who feel great during the full moon. Then I read about people like myself who feel like crap. Either way it’s good that they have figured out that it is the moon causing the effect.Starting in Janurary I plan to keep a detail log for a year as to how the full moon works on me. I would love to hear from others who feel the same way.

    • casper | 29 November 2011

      I have noticed strange things on a full moon, more with people than with pets.

      • Joana | 5 December 2011

        Yes I have too

  4. Sharon Falconer | 31 October 2011

    I can only speak from my own experience which is that my 18 month old German Shepherd Bitch is definitely more aggressive around the time of a full moon. She is nervous-aggressive and is definitely more on edge at the time of a full moon.

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