The Moon and the tides

It is well known the tides are caused by the tidal forces that are formed through gravity between the Earth and the Moon (and also between the Earth and the Sun). To put it simply, you can say that the Moon moves masses of ocean waters. At the full moon and the new moon, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are roughly in alignment, hence, the forces are greater and cause so called spring tides, thus a slightly higher tide. Now, many people conclude that the Moon – and in particular the full moon – ought to move and influence us people accordingly, because our bodies consist mostly of water. This claim contains several errors in reasoning, which we would like to explain in the following.

Initially, a few words about the tides again: the rise and drop of sea levels is caused by gravity which impacts the Earth from the Moon and the Sun. Due to these forces, the masses of ocean waters are virtually deformed and therefore change their relative levels at coastal areas. The water is actually shifted. These water movements take place continuously, in fact in a rhythm of approximately 12 hours 26 min for »once per tide«

Let us move on to the thought that people could be influenced by the Moon, as they predominantly consist of water.

Counterargument 1
A human is not an ocean
Assuming a human has an average weight of 70 kg and a water content of 70 %, then these are about 50 litres water per human. In contrast, there are an estimated 1.38 sextillion (1.38 x 10 to the power of 21) litres of water in the oceans. This is an inconceivable amount of water. When we look at the forces now that have an effect on our bodies from other celestial bodies, they are incredibly tiny. This would be as if a fraction of a dust particle would fall onto our shoulders …

Counterargument 2
Body is not identical with psyche
Assuming a human would be able to feel this minimal force and the shift of water in his/her body for a fraction of a millimetre, why should he/she feel better or worse? Everything in our body is in constant movement anyway: blood circulation, metabolism, respiration, digestion … all of this has a lot more significance.
Incidentally: Whoever feels depressed because of a dust particle, should on occasion, perhaps pay the doctor a visit 😉

Counterargument 3
Tides are there every day
Assuming we would feel the forces of the Moon on the water in our body, then this ought not be the case merely at the full moon, but also at the new moon and as strongly on any other day.

In all, it becomes apparent that the thought process of a connection between the Moon and the water in our body has not achieved a convincing result. We are able to assess that we are drawn to the Moon for other reasons. It is and remains an important part in our lives, but not because we consist of water.


  1. Kermit | 9 December 2011

    Normally I’m not very outspoken, but, for the last twenty years I have been more aware as to how the full moon affects me personally. A week before the full moon has always been the worst times of my life. I’m surprised that there aren’t more people who feel the same way. I sometimes think that people aren’t in tune with their bodies and their surroundings. I am very sensitive to weather changes. I usually get sinus headaches if it is going to rain or snow. I’m very open minded about certain things. In the past I would be listening to family members that were having a hard time during the the full moon. Nothing was going right for them and their faces would have a worried, tense, starined look on them. When I mention that it’s a full moon they give you a crazy look. It’ like some of them think that you’re trying to get them to join a cult or worship the devil when I try to expalin how the full moon affects me.

    I was a police officer a few years ago. When I was on the police force I noticed more wrecks would happen right before or during the full moon. I could defnitely tell that people were more wreckless while driving during that time. I had to put forth more effort to be a nicer person because it affected me too. It’ was like I didn’t have any patience.

    As I type this it is very hard for me to concentrate. Tommorrow is the full moon. In the past my wife has taken all the calanders away and I have purposely not paid attention as to when the next full moon was. Just like clock work I wake up feeling like I have a ton of bricks on my shoulders. I feel like crap. The minute I get up everything goes wrong. I stump my toe, drop my toothbrush, break a galss, nothing goes right for thr next week. The I get up one morning feeling great. Right off the bat, everything goes right. It’s during that time I try to make hay.

    Now I’m an artist and I’m self employed. I try to never schedule anything where an important decision has to be made during this time.I just go with the flow. It usually affects me exactly seven days before the full moon. Sometimes a day or two before the full moon I might have a great day where everything goes right. Then the next day all hell breaks loose. Starting in January I plan on keeping a detail log as to when and how the full moon affects me.

    I just noticed what it says on the scroll at the bottom of this page. It says that ,” Every thought can move a universe.” I believe that. I try to have positive thoughts. I know that a lot of people have a great time during the full moon but I would like to hear from people who may feel like I do. I know that you’re out there. It would be good if you shared your feeling on the subject.

    • Joana | 19 December 2011

      hey Kermit well I know it sounds so weird and crazy but the full moon has its effects on me too, not like you but I do get more angry or emotional on and during the full moon without me knowing its a full moon, I was born under a full moon and I just always thought it was because of that. I knew the moon has effects on all of us in different ways some people are just to busy or don’t care to find out, I was surprise that you were really in tune with the effects the moon takes on you. And how you noticed how it increased violent behavior while you were a cop. I always suspected it.

  2. Joyce | 8 November 2011

    Myself and many of my friends have lyme disease, co-infections and more. Full moon time we usually feel worse. May say it messes with parasites and more. Dancing in the Moon light 🙂 Not fun

  3. Nicole | 24 October 2011

    I totally believe this…working in Customer Service for years it’s easy ti identify when the Full Moon is upon us by the way people act and react.

  4. Nikki | 24 October 2011

    I would think that any change in mood during a full moon has more to do with an underlying awareness of our connection to what is going on in the natural world… not necessarily any actual physiological change that could be occurring. I believe that those people who have psychic sensitivities but are not in touch with them or are not attuned with nature will have the hardest time staying balanced through the cycles. Also, there are always bound to be forces that affect us that can’t be explained in scientific terms. This is part of the beauty of the mystery of the moon, and of nature.

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