Why corals adore the full moon

Although, one could easily presume that full moon influences the reproduction of many creatures, this has really only been proven for some species. One assumes this is the case with wolves, specific insects or crabs and also many humans vow not being able to do anything other than to look for the closeness of the other (or the same) sex at full moon. But absolutely certain are scientist only about one animal species that may not even be considered an animal by many: the corals. Here it has been established that reproduction is dependent on water temperature and moon light.

Corals breed in two different ways. One is through sexual reproduction (egg and sperm cells are released into the water) and the other through budding (just like with the growth of plants, where parts of the mother organism can detach or remain connected in colonies). Full moon plays a crucial role for the reproduction of corals and accompanies this precisely planned process. It is a fascinating notion that the light of the moon shines and permeates the water to unfold its impact underneath the surface. Maybe one or the other reader has been lucky and already experienced this magic during scuba diving?

However, for all its moon shine romanticism, one should not forget that many corals in this world are suffering. The warming of the oceans and also the pollution through pesticides and fertilisers is a big problem for these sensitive organisms and leads in many areas to an extensive perish. Where magnificent coral reefs have grown over thousands of years, there are now only white skeletons in some places. And it is all the more tragic, as it remains almost unnoticed, because it occurs beyond our everyday world. A silent death …

But it is not our intention to spread too much gloom, maybe just to scatter a pinch of thoughtfulness into the full moon light. Our earth is an endlessly beautiful habitat, let us do everything we can to preserve this beauty.


  1. Frederica Georgia | 22 April 2024

    Just to say I really enjoy your site and look forward to your thought-provoking messages. The mass bleaching of our coral reefs is so tragic it’s almost impossible to hold on to hope for the reefs when we’re headed for so much more climate heating. And to think of the magic that occurs there and all that is and will be lost. *deep sigh*

  2. Mabel Blom | 22 April 2024

    A really interesting thought provoking article thankyou

  3. Karen Shirley Tweed | 22 April 2024

    I really love your posts and these articles are fascinating, poignant and crucial.

    Thank you so much

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