Full moon songs

It is self-evident to sing about the moon and some may have caught themselves humming a few quiet sounds while gazing into the full moon light. There are a large number of folk songs in all cultures addressing the full moon and having been passed on from generation to generation. Quite often, songs were sung in the evenings and hence it was natural that the moon would come into play. It appears to contain something inspiring. We have compiled a few examples of comtemporary songs about the full moon and realised that the word full moon can be found in numerous songs across all music genres, from Rock to Pop, from Jazz to New Age. Maybe it is the unattainability of the moon that is reflected in so many areas and experiences.

Because we primarily attend to the full moon on these pages, we will refrain from using songs where »only« the moon in general is mentioned. It needs to state explicitly the word “Full moon” or “Vollmond” either in title or lyrics, in order for a song to be a full moon song

In German, we would also have to mention the songs by Nena (“Vollmond”) and Herbert Grönemeyer (“Vollmond”), even though, they truly are not part of the best tunes in the repertoire of these two artists.

We have chosen five quite varied pieces and would like to conduct a small survey which full moon song you prefer. We are happy about further suggestions and favourite full moon songs in the comment area (below):

Frank Sinatra – Full moon and empty arms

The Kinks – Full moon

Power Metal
Sonata Arctica – Full moon

Rhythm & Blues
Brandy – Full moon

Robert Miles – Full moon

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  1. Vanessa | 9 August 2011

    Every month I compile a “moon mix” to listen to when I go for my walk under the full moon, one of my personal favorites is “Full Moon In My Soul” by Robyn Hitchcock.

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