Will the Moon be sold?

There are stories, they are so odd that they are hard to believe. Just a few days ago we came across this report, saying some multi-billionaires teamed up in order to buy the Moon. The motive for this unusual proposal is apparently an investment into future projects. It has been known for some time that the Moon could be significant for future utilization by people, and it therefore becomes a lucrative economic investment.

This is particularly about possible mineral resources, but also about the feasibility of creating moon colonies. Meanwhile, scientific studies have shown that the cultivation of plants – observed over extended periods of time – could create something like an atmosphere containing oxygen around the Moon. This is how a colonization on the Moon would be conceivable and it seems to be almost for certain that there should be enough volunteers, who would be willing to move away from Earth.

So, a few of the super-rich were thinking about combining their financial resources to buy the Moon from the governments of the Earth, for a price, which is currently undisclosed. This subject is a matter of intense debate, because many countries in this world could do really well with large sums of money due to the desolate economical situation and hence support the sale. Opponents of this sale, are urging people to be cautious, as a military use in particular, could turn into an uncontrollable danger. Furthermore, there are objections for ethic reasons and it is pointed out that is has already been clearly established in the Outer Space Treaty of the United Nations of 1967, and in the Moon Treaty of 1979, that no one is allowed to acquire ownership rights for the Moon. However, the contractual force is highly disputed, especially in the case of the Moon Treaty, as it has only been signed by a few countries. The advocates of this sale are indicating again that the ownership of land on the Moon, is not less absurd than the ownership of land on Earth, one simply has to get used to the idea.

The billionaires will now present an official application to the United Nations. The discussions that follow and the result should be interesting to see.

Well – there are incredible things, aren’t there?

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  1. JJ | 22 April 2013

    Very interesting!

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