The TV series »Moonlighting«

It’s been a few years ago, since we watched the TV series »Moonlighting« and could accompany Bruce Willis in the role of detective David Addison and Cybill Shepherd as the former top model Maddie Hayes, on a weekly chase of hoodlums. This was 1985, Bruce Willis’s start of his career, who had been chosen out of 1,000 applicants, and had already then an incomparably smug smile (and significantly more hair). The success of this series lies, next to the quick-witted dialogues, of course in the latent erotic relationship of the leading roles, who ingeniously never quite get it together.

There are three references to the Moon: firstly, the title »Moonlighting«, which initially lets one make the association to moonlight, but is obviously used for illicit work, the work after your day job in the moonlight, so to speak. Secondly, the name of the detective agency »Blue Moon«. And finally, on almost all cover images you can see Willis and Shepard in front of a  colossal full moon, which can be seen behind the skyline of Los Angeles. The title song with the same name, was naturally performed by Al Jarreau.

All in all, it is a nice piece of 80’s in the moonlight … when movies were still entertaining without a firework of special effects.

By the way: which scene can you still remember?


  1. Anarchy Dee | 24 September 2020

    I was 10 when Moonlighting premiered, and I’d have to think awhile till recall a specific scene, but I never missed an episode. I do remember that I would sit on my bedroom window ledge and lob for the moon during the theme song. I would wish for the freedom that I felt Al Jarreau was singing about.

  2. Anonymous | 1 September 2020

    Don’t forget the movie “Moonstruck” where the full moon takes a center stage

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