The »Void Of Course« Moon (VOC)


The terminology »void of course« Moon (VOC), refers to a specific duration of time in astrology, during the Moon’s passage through the signs of the zodiac. To this, the basic conditions are created by the so called »aspects« of the Moon, which refers to its connection to other planets in the sky. For example, when the Moon and another planet are opposite to each other, it is called »opposition«. Further important aspects are »conjunctions« (next to each other), »square« (angular distance 90°), »trine« (120°) and »sextile« (60°). So when the Moon passes through a zodiac, various of these aspects surface. After approximately 2.5 days, the Moon changes into the next zodiacal sign, to create new aspects again. The phase between the last aspect in the current zodiac and the transition to the next zodiac is called »void of course / VOC«. The length of this void of course can take anything from two minutes up to two days.


Astrology has examined the aspects of the Moon since ancient times; however, the concept of the »void of course« Moon was only written down in the 1940s by the US American astrologer Al H. Morrison, and was published in his book »The Void Of Course Moon«.

Astrologers interpret »void of course« Moon as a time, which is more suitable for calmness and waiting, rather than for activity and decisions. It is – like most things in life – about the clever handling of external conditions and the knowledge of the correct timing for the right contents of creating a balance in life.

Who would like to know more about when the Moon is actually in a void of course, can find tables in the Internet. Here is an example:

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