New moon – the opposite of full moon!

The new moon is the opposite pole to the full moon, being the time when the Moon is not visible in the sky to us people. Maybe this is why we pay less attention to it, because what you don’t see is less prevalent in our awareness.
However, there is one aspect, which continues to lend significance and fascination to the new moon. It is the word »new« and the described moment of renewal and of a new beginning. This word can be found in different languages:

• »new moon« (English)
• »Neumond« (German)
• »nouvelle lune« (French)
• »luna nueva« (Spanish)
• »lua nova« (Portuguese)
• »luna nuova« (Italian)

So it is obvious to accredit relevance to the new moon, for everything that will start over. If this effect actually stems from the Moon or the mind and the believe of people, remains to be seen. There certainly appears to lie a lot of power in this idea, which finds expression in many cultures. In the Islamic calendar, for example, the beginning of the month is determined by the first lunar crescent visibility, meaning, the moment when the moon crescent becomes visible again just after the new moon. Also in the Hindu moon calendar does the new moon play a central role, just like for specific Buddhist holidays or for a number of Native American tribes.

From an astronomical point of view, the new moon describes the position of the Moon between the Sun and the Earth. It rises and sets together with the Sun and can neither be seen at night (because it has already set in the darkness), nor during the day (because it is outshined by the sunlight). The only exception when we are able to see the new moon, is during a solar eclipse. Then, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth are on a straight line and the Moon can push itself directly in front of the Sun, for the observer from Earth. Solar eclipses, by the way, take place exclusively at the new moon, just like a lunar eclipse solely takes place at the full moon.

We would like to wish all readers a good fresh start and the fulfilment of wishes that each and everyone carries in their hearts. Today is a good day, for us to believe in!

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  • miracles in lives of humans are a direct effect of the full moons. not too many people are aware of it however. my links to fullmoon miracles are surrounded in the new life and births into this world… for example, i myself was givin the date i was due to be born as dec 14 1978. unfortunately my arrival wasnt until jan 30 1979. roughly 45 days late. how often do you hear of a such a lenghly gap. wouldnt it be safe to say that my intended birth sigh,sagitarius, is just as relevent as my actual sign i was born to,aquarius,? i believe so. my origional due date as it happens, was the exact date of the last fullmoon of 1978. i was in theory suppose to have been born on a fullmoon, the last fullmoon of that year to be percise. even more interesting, my last chil was born on jan 03 2007, which was the same day as the first full moon of 2007. what do u think that means?

  • New moon and a Monday – seems like a great place to start!

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