Full moon experiences

The most beautiful and sometimes most amazing stories are written by life itself. Read how influential full moon can accompany our lives. Quite often, it provides the background for a real stage play.

If you would like to tell us about a special full moon experience too, you are welcome to drop us a line at any time. You may use your real name or a fantasy name …


A full moon experience by Cindy P:

Wedding on a full moon

This site helped me settle on a wedding date: Saturday, April 23, 2016. The day before is a full moon, and it’s as close as I could get for a spring wedding that year.  Read that it’s good luck in several cultures, then realized the real reason I wanted it: Mitch, the man I thought

A full moon experience by Mirrajane:

Lunar encounter

I met my love on a full moon. I was walking home from a party one night by a lake and I noticed it was a full moon. I walked to the end of the dock just to gaze at it for a while because it was beautiful. That might sound a little weird but

A full moon experience by Jackie & Kelley Jackson:

Happy Anniversary

Ann & Robert, I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy anniversary.   Hopefully you are at the condo in Duluth so you can watch the moon rise over Lake Superior tonight.   Last night Kelley and I finally got the pontoon boat in the water, so we got to get out

A full moon experience by Kris Karr:

Experiences of a nurse

I believe strongly that the same forces that influence tides and lunar pulls in our atmosphere, directly effect human behavior and rarely in a positive way in my personal experiences and particularly in my profession of healthcare.  The strange thing is that I feel at my best, sharper and with more energy and can feel

A full moon experience by Darkhellia:

Does this happen with anyone else?

Well this is not really an experience but a feeling or emotion. I’ve found that during every full moon I happen to actually see I get restless and usually spend the entire night staring at the Moon or just restlessly pacing in my computer room. I don’t really know how to say this but the

A full moon experience by Caboose:

Profound connections

It was a beautiful full moon the night I got married on July 30, 1977 … we drove into the night with the bright light following us everywhere we drove … my husband and I always enjoyed a full moon every month after that for over 34 years. He passed away very unexpectedly on Aug,

A full moon experience by Rosa Paul:

Born during the full moon

Thanks to you all, for your diligence. After years of being a fan of and great admirer of Luna, thus a Luna lover, I find to my delight, though no surprise that I was born during a full moon 8/18/1940. I knew there was an overflowing of a nearby river, so I was somewhat prepared

A full moon experience by Belle26101:

Crisis centre

I had worked with adults that were mentally challenged and had observed many changes and behavior extremes a few days before and after a full moon. The crisis center employees agreed that they were most busy when a full moon was observed. That has never seemed to amaze me 🙂

A full moon experience by Debbie:

Full moon and its effect on people

The full moon does affects people in different ways. I worked in Mental Health Services for quite a few years, and all ward staff working on a full moon knew without doubt, there would be some kind of problem or another. Some staff even worked their days off around full moons. We tracked it for

A full moon experience by Persephone:

Moon crazy

I lost my virginity during a full moon, I planned this. I recently conceived a baby on the latest super full moon of May 5th. I looked up the moon calendar and apparently I was born on a full moon 24/1/1978 :). hence my moon craziness 😉

A full moon experience by Raregem1961:

Glorious full moon

My new FB friend posted (just today, moments ago) a beautiful photo of the full moon on 11.18.2011. My mom passed away on March 19, 2011 when the Moon was full and closest to the Earth. My sister and nephews scattered her ashes in the San Francisco Bay on November 18, 2011 which was the

A full moon experience by Maruschka:

Promising match

I wished on Nov 2011 full moon for a wonderful new love relationship to be realized. I was soon contacted by a man on the Internet and met my new “Honey” in person on Dec 10th, full moon. We celebrated January’s full moon together and have plans to take a trip together during the full

A full moon experience by Ben Gross:

Moon lover

A full moon has always been very significant with my current friendship/relationship with this one girl. We have always looked at it in awe and beauty and we would always make sure to hang out whenever that day of the month was. So I had everything planned for that night. On my way to pick

A full moon experience by Kara L.:

Smiling at the full moon

My parents sometimes say things about the full moon effecting our lives. I remember my dad asking if it was a full moon, because of some crazy (in a bad way) things that were happening.  I always smiled at the full moon, instead of blaming it for bad things. Full moon days for me were

A full moon experience by Hema:

The wonderous effects of the full moon

Moon has always been an integral part of our lives. Whether it is celebrating a festival or starting an auspicious task, or meditating, we consider the movements of moon. Moon has an effect on water and our body contains a considerable amount of water. Hence, it is beneficial to meditate on the day of full

A full moon experience by K. Ashcraft:

Born on the full moon

I was always told by my mother that i was a miracle child and was destined to be on this Earth. I tended to agree and felt the same way deep inside, even though I wasn’t sure why. Until earlier this month that is. Let’s see if you would agree with that. I was born

A full moon experience by Matilda:

Crazy ongoings

I have experienced different mood changes when some are full. There are full moons for example, when I worked at an answering services. I answered 90 phones. Dr’s, hearting, Taxi cabs, shrinks, apt. building for broken things, lost keys, and a key smith and such.  When a certain moon would come around, every drunk needed

A full moon experience by Rose:

Communion with the Moon

There have been periods of time when I refused to look up in the sky, in case I accidentally made a connection with the Moon. Not that connecting with the Moon is a bad thing, but if I’m unaware of it, it can throw me for a loop.  The effects of a full moon can

A full moon experience by Norene:

Powerful focus

Since I was a child I have recognized my connection with the moon. I was born on July 13th and feel the waxing and waning of the moon. The moon gives me a powerful focus. 

A full moon experience by T. Boyle:

Moon dream

Well, my experience with the moon deals with the dream I once had about three years ago. I was in my mother’s car, driving home from somewhere and I happened to look up at the night sky. As I looked up, I saw the crescent moon with the only bright star underneath it, and it

A full moon experience by Gardenia:

Where is my headache from?

I’ve been having a splitting headache for three days. I swear I thought it was because my mother-in-law was visiting and I was stressed out, not being able to watch my TV programs, having her here during the freaking Super Bowl, etc. I’m so relieved to find out it’s the full moon. I can take

A full moon experience by Kim:


Every full moon I have really bad anxiety. I can feel it coming … usually once it is full I start calming down … weird, not sure why … that’s why I’m here now :))) trying to find answers … thanks!

A full moon experience by Love:

Cherish every moment

When you look at the moon, how can you not think of God at the same time, with its miraculous beauty. I am in such amazement all the time. If you look at everything in this world as creations … by God and from God, created for you, you will cherish each and every moment

A full moon experience by Cin:

Spirits rise at the full moon

Firstly my Cherokee name is Moondancer, I too am a cancer, I feel the same about the rain as i do at full moon my spirits rise and I’m overwhelmed with content. My significant other and I are practising pagans and when we first met he proclaimed: “you will be mine by the next full

A full moon experience by Pat:

Full moon phone calls

My son left home at a young age, but for some reason he always called me when the moon was full. Many years later I mentioned it to him and he didn’t even realize that was the only time he called me.

A full moon experience by Joanne H.:

The infamous full moon headache

Ever since I was a little girl, I get a severe headache exactly three days before the full moon! I feel the pressure and pain in the back of my skull, rising upward – and, without even looking at a calendar, I know the full moon will be in three days!  It isn’t eleviated with

A full moon experience by Rustic Rose:

Moon stories in powdered white

One Full Moon a bunch of people, both friends and strangers put paint on our faces. We then went to the Charles River and went to this cluster of trees that I found just that morning.  Moon stories were told and we howled very proudly! The Charles River was iced over (this was January) and

A full moon experience by Reyrketill Bjornson:

The animal inside of us

The following is a true experience. All times are relative and have been gathered with the help of my cell phone and what my fiance told me. Please read with an open mind. August 13, 20111:00 am to 3:00 am PSTBakersfield, CA 93301 It was about 1:00 am when I felt the now easily recognizable

A full moon experience by Patricia (Patti) A.:

Feelings run deep at the full moon

Astrology speaking I am a “Moon-Child”. Birthday June 30th. As a young child, I have always been aware of the effect of the “Full Moon”. As a mature adult, I know for sure the “Full Moon” have a dramatic effect on me in many different ways …  Without seeing or knowing there is a “Full

A full moon experience by Marietjie:

Full moon game

I’m very superstitious re the 13th being full moon, at least it’s not on the Friday. Our girls have a full moon game done every full moon – only the ones not dating – you write the names of three guys you like on a piece of paper, then you fold it up without knowing

A full moon experience by MoonStruck:

Drastical changes

Over the years I have noticed my emotional/physical/mental state drastically changes near and on the full moon. I will get bursts of energy or deep lows (as I’ve seen mentioned before).  Tonight, I saw the moon high in the sky meaning to look at when it was technically full. Forgetting about it, I had an

A full moon experience by G:

Crazy at full moon

Never fails on a full moon my husband is a crazy man. I always keep track because I never know if it is going to be nice or nasty. I keep a bag packed for that day every month. I am not sure if other people have this problem but I have read on some

A full moon experience by Sororia:

Blue moon soap

I found this page while looking for the full moon schedule. Once a month on a full moon I make an organic coconut milk soap that I call “Blue Moon”. It is made with 13 essential oils. For some reason everyone loves this … not sure if it is the energy from the moon? But

A full moon experience by Heather:

The gift of life

My husband and I desperately wanted to have children together, but always had difficulties. In the end, we were finally able to have two children, after much planning and charting, etc.  It wasn’t until after the birth of our second child, I happened upon a lunar calendar, and out of curiosity, checked it against the

A full moon experience by Joseph:

Crystal dream

When I was called by a quartz crystal skull for two years I tried to ignore it. I had dreamt of blazing eyes coming to me in my sleep. When my sister sent me a photo of a crystal skull I had seen previously, it was a flash photo that has been in my dream

A full moon experience by Renee Wyndham:

In remembrance of my father

My father was in a nursing home and my mother brother and niece had said good-bye to him before we went home at 7:00 pm that evening.  The next morning at 2:00 am we got a call from the nursing home that he had passed away. We drove over to the nursing home and said

A full moon experience by dradabaugh:


I live on the beach (east coast u.s ) and every full moon i grab my chair and sit in amazement as the giant moon comes out of the water. I have seen almost every full moon but I have yet to see the sun rise : )

A full moon experience by ~Tamara:

A whole lot of “crazy”…

When I worked as a waitress, I could always tell when it was a full moon … by the way, my customers acted, even by the road rage on the way to work.  Then I read an article about how the human body is made up of like 60-75% water. Well, when you think about

A full moon experience by Moon:

Moon Over Zambia

My greatest experience with the moon came while on a soul searching vacation in Africa. Walking from the restaurant the moon filled the sky from the street level up to the tip of the sky …  As we walked down the street, people came up to us and told us to get off the street

A full moon experience by Kim & Barry:

Timeless love

I was drawn to this website because we were looking into the full moon dates for this year and next.  Barry and I have decided to get married on a hot summer night with a full moon. Barry and I have reconnected after many years of being apart. For that I am very grateful because

A full moon experience by Donita Rose Fortuna:

Creepy night

My full moon experience … was when I walked on the dark street and I felt something was behind me. And when I watched the moon, the moon was so huge and so round and it creeped me out … why?? Cuz I remembered the horror movies and what my grandma said, that we should

A full moon experience by Leila:

Talking back

My daughter has always been fairly well behaved and listens. However, every full moon she displays defiant behaviour and talks back excessively. I have noticed this since she was a little girl (2 or 3) and have always attributed it to a full moon. Now at 13 it’s no different. It’s not only on the

A full moon experience by rebeCca:

Moon predictions

For about 6 yrs of my life, I spent almost every moonlit night outside. I guess that ended about 3 yrs ago. To this day I can look up at the moon when it’s almost full and tell you exactly how many days it will be until the exact date when the moon shines brightest.

A full moon experience by Mama B.:

Tail spin

For some reason, I was drawn to this website and by chance found Carly’s experience with her childs behaviour during a full moon. I would never have thought it would have such an effect. But like Carly, I have experienced an usually insane day with my daughter! I have spent the past 2 hours with

A full moon experience by Dolores:

Unforgettable Greece

It was August 2008, my daughter, her friend and I traveled to Athens, Greece. In the evening of the full moon, we walked up to the top of the Akropolis and waited until the moon broke into the night. During the full moon there are no lights in and around the Akropolis and it is

A full moon experience by Carly A.:

Behaviour change in children?

I have a 5 year old daughter, during a full moon my daughter’s behaviour changes. She’s not a naughty child she just doesn’t seem to want to listen to mum, dad, grandparents or teachers during the cycle of the full moon. I find it quite funny, though some people i.e., teachers, do not find it

A full moon experience by Lori H.:

A magical evening

This summer in July, we celebrated the 50th Birthday of our friends in Mount Shasta, California. Not sure if it was the wine, the wind, the altitude, our yummy meal of fresh local free range beef which was prepared by a local gourmet chef, or just simply the Full Moon; but it was truly a

A full moon experience by Mary Eve Shalome:

Mother moon

I have been a very open child. I have always listened to God, and kept him. I know God needs to be lifted. We can’t always ask God for things, we have to support God. We have to hold him, somehow fearing his greatness, and somehow adding to it even though we are low beneath

A full moon experience by Dark Eclipse:

Conspiracy to Commit Murder

A strange thing happened tonight and I was completely unaware there was a full moon and lunar eclipse in process … perhaps coincidence … perhaps more than we realize. As a retired law clerk who worked for a very powerful Judge, and who knows how to “fix things” legally, some quite nasty, I get calls

A full moon experience by Rainemoon:


For years not even knowing what date the full moon would be, I always have a “mood” sometimes I am full of energy other times I might be feeling blue, have knowledge of things before and when there is something not right somewhere. And days where I have no energy at all and sometimes I

A full moon experience by Jacqueline P.:

Our lucky charm

Actually, I met my husband during full moon, at a summer party. I was attracted to him straight away but somehow I was not able to find the right opportunity all night, to talk to him. So I waited and suddenly it was as if invisible hands would bring us together. We stood alone on

A full moon experience by Brigitte S.:

View into infinity

I went with a couple of friends to a mountain cabin, close to Austria. It was a picture book day in summer, an orange coloured sun set and then the indigo blue nights and inmidst of it all the rising full moon … Anyway, a friend and I, we were still lying on the terrace

A full moon experience by Ho Ho Tai:

And the moon be still as bright

It was 1950, or ’51. I still had five years to go before I would graduate from high school. A very impressionable young man who didn’t care much for the world around him. At every opportunity, his head was either in the stars, or his nose in a book of sci-fi.  Ray Bradbury’s “Martian Chronicles”

A full moon experience by Dora:

The full moon rainbow

Last Thursday was full moon. I went with a few friends of mine to an open air party in Prignitz (historic region in the northwestern part of Brandenburg, Germany), and we had wonderful seats underneath an isolated oak tree. The weather had been changeable since quite some time and a thunderstorm was in the air.

A full moon experience by Jessi & Chris:

Strong bonds

My love and I live three hours apart and we both have limited resources, so we don’t get to see each other nearly often enough. Some of his friends have called him a child of the moon and as a child I would howl at the full moon, so the Moon is rather special to
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