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The full moon poems

A poetry collection of well-known and unknown poets. These works have one thing in common: the word "full moon".

If you would like to make your full moon poem public, please send it to us.

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Sorting by author ...


"Pull of the moon" (Al)
"Full Moon Dream" (Anonymus)


"Fullmoon" (Ahu Baser)
"Journey Confirmed Right By The Full Moon's Light" (Richard Bastian)
"The Cold Full Moon" (Kimberly Bator)
"Remembrance of nocturnal things imperfect" (Boris)
"Allure of a Full Moon" (Brett)
"These Hips (For the Full Moon)" (Adele Brown)
"The second full moon" (Vicky Bushong)


"Full Moon Ode" (Cat)
"Under the Full Moon: Where He and I Loved First" (Nicole Coonradt)
"Full Moon" (Judy Croome)


"Moon Power" (Denise)


"Full Moon Farewell" (Eyeloca)


"Moonflower's song for the Full Moon" (Flora Tavu)
"Full Moon" (Fortunato)
"The Moon is a Poor Man's Flashlight" (Marisa Lenore Frederick)
"Dreamer's Moon" (B. Free)


"Full moon poem to Galileo Galilei" (Galileo)
"Moon Serenade" (Cornelia Gilbert)
"Blue Mystic" (Neha Godambe)
"Full Moon Dream" (Thomas C. Greene)
"Sister Moon" (Guadalupe)


"Full Moon Singing in an Empty Sky" (Sue Harris)
"Full Moon" (Robert Hayden)
"Full Moon" (Deborah Hicks)
"Heart of a watcher's hour - full moon's gifting light" (Jeremiah Hoka)
"Full Moon and Little Frieda" (Ted Hughes)


"Assisted by moon" (Hage Kaizo)
"Rose Moon, You're so Beautiful ... " (Paul Kubera)
"Romantic Full Moon Song" (David Kuhns)
"Le Clair de lune" (Surishiva Kumar)


"Full Moon Lunacy" (Liza)
"Siriyakon Moon" (Gordon Lockhart)
"Full Moon in Gemini" (Jacqueline M. Lynch)
"I wish" (Lyzz Lynn)


"Akashic full moon's rapture" (Machaiac)
"Full Moon" (Walter de la Mare)
"Luna" (Marjorie)
"Lucy's Full Moon Poem" (Lucy Martinez)
"Sound of Growing Corn Poem" (Cynthia Martz)


"Ever present full moon" (Nana Luna)
"Full Moon" (Roseville Nidea)
"be" (No-one)


"A full Moonlight" (Marsha Liona Payette)
"solstice" (TL Payne)
"Full Moon Risen" (Steve Pedlow)


"Oh Moon!" (Kamran Qureshi)


"Mother Moon" (Rainemoon)
"Uncle moon" (V. Ramachandrababu)
"Full Moon" (Hershey Roque)


"As I look at the full moon ..." (Saigyo)
"A Full Moon's Kiss" (Dale L. Salazar)
"Full Moon for Halloween" (Sam hain)
"Full moon light" (Brett Schlindwein)
"February" (Gerald Seminary)
"Der Schatz" (Shankara)
"Queen" (Michelle Shen)
"Treasure" (Margret Silvester)
"We walked" (Deborah Smith)
"mirror" (Emilia Lavielle Sotomayor)
"Moonlight" (Srisa)
"The Pink Moon" (Srishaa)
"Good night little flower" (Starla Penela)
"le full moon" (Swati/Alexander)
"Big moon spirit woman" (Jeremiah Ja'n Szilagyi)


"Harvest Moon" (Laura Tattoo)
"Blame it on the full moon" (Te)
"Cripple Creek" (Ann Thompson Fabricant)
"Full Moon" (Tu Fu)


"Your moon" (Leonardo Vargas)


"Remember the Moon" (Shirley Whalley)
"Introvert" (Tricia Wise)
"Love Moon" (Chanda L Witherspoon)
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